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The melting of the sea ice near Broughton Island.

On the shore of Ungava Bay south of Killiniq.


Editor's note


Sixty seven Nunavut Elders were interviewed extensively during the ten years it took to produce the twelve books made available online on the Listening to Our Past web site. Ten scholars were involved with the editing of the books, and dozens of Nunavut Arctic College students participated in the interviews, over many years. Numerous interpreters, translators and proof readers were also involved. 

On the credits page of Listening to Our Past, we acknowledge the contribution of people who were directly involved in the production of this web site. We also need to express our gratitude to all the individuals who participated in producing the Nunavut Arctic College series of books, most specifically Dr Susan Sammons, the director of the Language and Culture Program, who is still the main force behind Nunavut Arctic College’s publications.

The Iqaluit Oral History Project which produced most of the books was a research project developed by the Language and Culture Program of Nunavut Arctic College in partnership with Pairijait Tigummivik (Iqaluit Elders Society), the Government of Nunavut Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth, le Centre interuniversitaire d’études et de recherches autochtones of Université Laval, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada among others.

This web site project was made possible by the essential contribution of the Partnerships Fund Program, an initiative of Canadian Culture Online of the Department of Heritage Canada.

All material found on this web site is protected by copyright and no commercial use of the content of the web site is permitted.

Teachers can use, modify, reproduce and distribute without having to request additional permission for non-commercial purposes the educational resources found on the siteincluding tests and exams. 

Educational institutions, teachers and students can reproduce, communicate by telecommunication, perform, publish, exhibit, crop, reverse, translate, archive and use for non-commercial educational purposes any Nunavut Arctic College content found on the website. Other content, such as photos, videos and music, requires a special authorization before reproducing it.  

A variety of points of view are expressed by elders on this web site. Educators should review the content before presenting it to their students. In some of the books, delicate moral issues are discussed from different cultural perspectives.

Nunavut Arctic College and the Association des francophones du Nunavut, or any partners in this project, are not responsible for the opinions expressed on this web site.  

Louis McComber
Project Manager for l’Association des francophones du Nunavut and Nunavut Arctic College